Hi, there. Thanks for stopping by!

I`m Cecilia, a recent college graduate who lives in Ohio with my husband, 3 cats and hedgehog. In the little bit of free time I have from my job as a web developer, I like to paint my nails, crochet, read, play The Sims or obsess over Pinterest and the projects that I`ll probably never do. I like to eat and am sometimes too honest in the opinions I give, so here is not the place for the faint of heart. 

I love making lists and spreadsheets and could easily write pages and pages about stuff that makes me happy. A few of those things are cats, plants, good design, coffee, mermaids, bees, bats and cheese. Essentially if it is an animal or pizza, I will be stoked. 

Don`t hesitate to contact me, whether it is a problem, a question, or you just wanna chat! You can find me on instagramtwitter, or by email.